Frequently Asked Questions

What type of site can I submit?
It would be easier to tell you the types of site that are not allowed.

Any site that offers for sale, or sell

Any firearms, explosives, or weapons.

Any food that is not packaged or does not comply with all laws governing the sale of food to consumers by commercial merchants.

Any items that are indecent or obscene, that are hateful or racially, sexually, ethnically or otherwise objectionable, that contain child pornography, that are otherwise pornographic in nature, or are harmful to minors.

Any controlled substances or pharmaceuticals.

Any items that are counterfeit or stolen.

Any dangerous items.

Any goods or services that do not, in fact, exist.

Any registered or unregistered securities.

Any items that violate or infringe the rights of other parties.

Any items that you do not have the legal right to sell.

Any items where paying any of the required transactional or listing fees would cause to violate any law. reserves the right to delete any objectionable sites.

Any site which is a subURL or page that can be reached from the main page should not be listed. There may be some exceptions which will be decided on by the community. - See "What is a Proper URL" for more information.

The site is an affiliate site. Sites that contain affiliate links, with content provided by the associated partner, should not be listed. GoGuides sites should have original content. We determine approval of a website containing affiliate links using the 70/30 rule. 70% unique content and 30% affiliate content. If you are unsure if your website meets this standard, you should submit using Easy Submit. Easy Submit is 100% refundable whereas 'Express Submit' is nonrefundable.

Spam/Spamming is prohibited. With the Spam Committee direction, sites may be refused listing if they are being spammed in our directory.

Hate, Illegal, Pornographic and Violent sites which advocate violence or illegal acts against a person or group of people will not be listed. Sites containing visual representation of extreme violence or lewdness should not be listed, unless such material in its context has been deemed appropriate by this community. Sites that contain pornographic text or images should not be submitted. This includes sites that contain links to sites with such material via text links or banners. The majority of most non-pornographic sexual content sites may be deemed acceptable. Sites may include nudity, IF the nature of the material (as determined by is not to arouse the viewer. Examples of such sites would include those which are educational or medical in nature. For instance, sites which have the intent of training women how to perform a breast exam or teaching men how to check for testicular cancer would be acceptable.

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